When I was a child I was sexually abused by my Sunday School teacher. He taught kids in his home during the week as well as on Sundays. He molested kids in his home. When he was investigated he got off free of any charges. Kids aged 6-10 are the ones who paid for his acts. The church never reported the accusations to the police. All investigation was inside the church. What makes it so easy for religious leaders to get away with this?

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Sorry to hear of your abuse.

They get away with it because the church covers the crimes up.

Sandusky got away with it for a long time before he was finally caught.

And all those priests that abuse those young kids - they get away with it because the church looks the other way.

Deference is always shown to clergy and churches for a variety of reasons, one being, "How could a cleric do something like that?!" (not-ising the problem).  The Vatican enjoys diplomatic status and could carry lists of pedophile priests in diplomatic pouches, and in any event justice could be obstructed simply by declaring such documents state secrets.  In most states, not reporting child rape to authorities is a serious crime and you would think many religious organizations would be held liable under such statutes.  The prosecutors might have agreements with both defendants and victims, or agree not to prosecute if the perps pay up big time.  Or else they decide, suddenly, "there is insufficient evidence with which to secure a conviction," filing a motion to dismiss on that ground. Those are some possibilities.  What it all boils down to, though, is deference. After all, before we established a democracy in America, Europeans had first to decide in some cases whether the criminal should be tried by civil or by ecclesiastical authority.

Sorry Diane.  Was it the lds church?



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