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But triumphant in the end, really, isn't it? Definitely amazing. Somebody clearly bonkers--made bonkers by her upbringing--now writing about the experience with perfect clarity and total sanity.

I'll say it again: children's rights is what thinking atheists or anyone else interested in really eliminating the madness out there need to be looking at. Even Jill Mytton in that great and I think important interview posted here seemed to show an almost wow-I-never-really-thought-of-it-like-that-before attitude. Sarah is absolutely correct in saying that the problem remains largely unaddressed by the psychological professions. "Religiously abused" or not, literally all of us are still trained from the start to look the other way--very much and maybe even especially including psychologists!

Last point: it seems clear it was neither her acquisition of extensive education or 'critical thinking skills' that pulled Sarah back from the brink, fine things as they are. Possibly misapplying Shakespeare: "Th' effect doth operate another way."

Great link, Krista, thanks. I've passed it on.


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