Just want to leave a link and make a short related argument regarding it.


I heard the author, Janet Heimlich, interviewed on a ffr podcast the other night.  In general I think what I heard her say was all good though her suggestion that religion isn't all bad butts up against my own anti-theistic disposition.  I think what's true beyond any doubt is that the religious aren't "all bad"--so from that standpoint I have to agree it's fine that her work (as well as the fight for rights of kids generally) enjoys the endorsement of clergy and other "spiritual" people.  In fact I think it's incredibly more important to agree that mistreatment of children is damaging and wrong than it is to persuade someone or some group that their particular spiritual bent is hooey.  The reason for that is simple: children treated with respect think better. Both during childhood and equally as important: as adults. 


The bottom line is that cruelty and stupidity directed toward children is just plain evil, no other justification to voice opposition to it is necessary, but once its after-effects are honestly added up I think it becomes arguably the single most important battle we as a species have ever faced.  Empathic believers then, by definition are part of the solution. Likely very much so. (Knowing that doesn't make it one bit easier for me personally to come out with "Oh hi!  How are you?" when meeting someone from the clergy.  Not when what I feel like saying is the Hitchens line "So what's it like, lying to little kids for a living?")


Breaking Their Will




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