Turns out Jesus Camp has shut down due to vandalism and a negative response from the public after the movie came out. I guess it closed sometime around November. Good riddance. Unfortunately the woman who ran the camp has no intention of ending her mission to use childrens emotions and fragile minds to perpetuate her insanity in generations to come.
This article is from Christianity Today and tries to defend her actions and somehow at the same time argue that Jesus Camp is not a typical camp and therefore the documentary is just more persecution of innocent Christianity. It's bullshit of course. I can tell you from experience that although most camps may not be as flamboyant, all of them prey on the emotions of children and use fear to keep their brains washed of reason and the psychological health that comes with it.

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I think that teaching children religion is completely wrong. They should be learning the functioning of the world not nonsensical claims. Children shouldn't be looked at as christian children, muslim children, etc just like we don't call them racist children because their parents are racist. I think that indoctrinating children into religion is automatically damning them to close-mindedness.




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