A great billboard campaign in Britain protesting faith schools and the labeling and indoctrination of children.
Maybe a year ago I saw a billboard in my home town of Savannah GA with the picture of a sleeping child. It was for a church and I forget the actual words but I think it was something about God's guiding light. The message was clear - bring your kids to church, teach them, indoctrinate them.
Just today on the way home from work I read a church sign (a particular church which has put up more than one message that enraged me) that said, and I'll have to paraphrase, "An education without God is like a ship without a compass". Ugh it really made me sick.
I wish more people were confronted with the fact that religion heavily preys on children. I really think it just never occurs to most people that children should be left alone until they are old enough to choose. Billboards like these force people to at least think about it and children really need an advocate for their rights.

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