I haven't read this yet because I just find it too disturbing. Apparently one of the Phelps kids escaped the family's tyranny and has become an atheist. This is his story of abuse.


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Yeh that ... ugh.
I think you might like my slideshow.
As a child, I was given the choice to believe or to think: You have much courage to think your way out of forced belief.

This is a very short version of my story. I think it won't disturb you.
I was raped when I was 7 and buried it for almost 25 years until going to court.
He got only 3 months in jail served on weekends: but I stood up for children; and for a time, I felt proud.
I have to do more than this to help children: Chldren's House is a place their kind are not welcome.
I finally admitted it really happened while reading "the courage to heal." Their pain of their stories seemed worse than the pain I had suffered so I could admit what happened to me.
I wrote a one-page story of how I suffered in life from the event and distributed the story in my home town with pictures of the pedophile. In court, the defense attorney tried to use my story against me. It was all a horrible experience other than the final feeling of pride. The family I once knew are all gone; for 15 years now. We grew up in the same house, but our paths divided long ago and it is likely our paths will never cross again.
Anyway, I too reached the point where I could no longer read their stories: could no longer feel their pain. I think they will understand that I need to focus on a solution and not dwell only on the problem.
Oh Jeez. I don't even want to. It's all too sickening.




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