According to these college students, truth is a tool of white supremacy

What is the purpose of college if students continue to reject the curriculum on the basis of their social justice agenda? Why should I, a tax payer, support the notion of free education if this is what the current result is of the public education system?

Based at Pomona College in Claremont, CA. This college is connected to a near-by college where students protested a conservative speaker on campus to the point that the event was shut down and the speaker had to leave through a back exit to prevent being physically assaulted.


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Funny how the social tyranny of the left would have us fund a new breed of leftists who will attempt to subvert and overthrow us.  And by "us" I mean all patriotic Americans.  Of course, nowadays, saying "American" would have even normal people believing that my use of the term "American" is a dog whistle for "White American."  You really can't win, which is why I don't feel in the slightest bit bad about unleashing Mr. Trump on the world.  You must push the envelope in order to preserve the freedom to push the envelope.

I think this puts a dent in a common argument I see in atheist groups about higher education being the pathway for people to learn "the facts". If the students don't trust the education system to teach "facts," then where else can facts be obtained according to these students? Parents? Conspiracists? Cult leaders? I don't think anyone thought about students turning on the praised education system.

Good point.  We're reaching a point where the only truth is an f-bomb and a middle finger.  We're devolving to the point of grunting and pointing skyward.



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