I recently was looking over Patheos.com's Facebook page and was surprised to see how much content was sympathetic towards Islam and targeted Christianity. It also put up a lot of liberal leftist content that can be comparable to content from Women's March or other leftist movements/organizations. When briefing over its website it seems like it would be an outlet that tries to cover multiple perspectives but it seems to be in the liberal leftist corner.

Also interesting is that it is attempting to persuade progressive Christians move to the Democratic party. I don't have a problem with that, but it is sending the message saying Christians who truly "love" and are "Christ-like" will move to the Democratic party. Republican party may become more non-religious quickly.

I looked up its Wikipedia to see who funds Patheos but there is no detail about that. I sent them an email to see if they can tell me more about who funds them. 

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My own research...

Patheos has quite a lot of funding... Total equity funding $3.42M Link

September 2016.. Patheos partners with Belief.net, "a property of BN Media and the leading lifestyle site dedicated to faith and inspiration." 

"In 2013, the two companies entered into a strategic partnership, through which Beliefnet offered Patheos' advertising inventory to its extensive community. The move allowed advertisers to better engage their target markets and build stronger relationships with them."


Excellent research and summary.  

I've often wondered if we would have standing to sue the government for all the programs that are more "Christ-like".  I'd think the damages would be in the 10s of trillions.




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