Hard to believe this guy is the executive director of an after-school children's program to teach "critical thinking." But alas, it is true.


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Funny how we don't have the right to sympathize with those who enable us to exist in the first place.  What an ungrateful snob; I'm glad we have nothing in common with him.

Lauren, would you mind if I connect with you on Twitter?  I'm not that active there, but I'd love to support you where I can.  Thank you.

Sure, our Twitter is https://twitter.com/repubatheists.

Also are you registered for our email updates? You can register at http://www.RepublicanAtheists.com


It is worth repeating, if not for the political strength of Catholic Europe through the dark ages, we'd probably all be Muslims.  Instead of generating Atheist thought, we'd be memorizing the Koran.

Lauren, I am not a Republican, but I want to tell you how sorry I am that you received such a rude comment from Secular Voices. I don't see that person or group listed in Atheist Nexus Membershp and I hope he or she doesn't belong here. I do not agree with Republican policies and practices, certainly not the Trump/Republican crowd, and you and I probably exist on the opposite ends of a teeter totter. That said, I have no interest in arguing with you; I looke forward to intelligent, mature discussions with you. 




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