Since I've began telling the general atheist community about Republican Atheists I've received a few responses noting I am not a "true atheist".

One woman read my background of how I became atheist and said she didn't believe I was truly atheist. Apparently how I became atheist didn't meet her standards and therefore she blacklisted me.

Another young woman said Republican Atheists would be a turn off for "true atheists".

What exactly is this concept of "true atheist"? The description of atheist is "a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods." There is no formal list of requirements to be atheist.

What is funny about this is that apparently atheism is a religion to these women if there is a concept of a "true atheist", much like how Christians criticize each other of being "true Christians".

It seems a "true atheist" is someone who submits to leftist ideology and anti-religion rhetoric.

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I can certainly relate.  Any defense of the political benefits of some religions gets us immediately blacklisted.  And to take this a step further, I consider myself to be a humanist, but not a liberal humanist.  I define humanism as following ideals that will allow humans the longest and best chances of existence over the the very long term (thousands of years).  The liberal humanists seem to place Earth over humanity.  I place humanity over Earth.  Eh, I could go on for pages, but don't want to get too down in the weeds.

But the facts do not lie, if Catholicism had not maintained a stranglehold over Europe through the dark ages, we'd all be Muslims today and we would not be free to be Non-religious.  Even in contemporary times, it was not Atheists who saved us from fascism in WWII, it was Judeo-Christians.  Judeo-Christians form the umbrella of freedom under which we can even exist, politically speaking.  How this is lost on our fellow Atheists I do not know.

Anyway, thank you for giving us a forum, even though we are very few.

Thanks for commenting !

There's more support on Facebook.. almost 200 likes. Republican Atheists is going to be featured by The Atheist Conservative soon which will help with outreach. Feel free to share our Facebook and Twitter with anyone you think is interested.

The Atheist Conservative?  I've never heard of it, but I'd like to learn more.  I will ask Mr. Google.

Wow.  And I thought I was intense.




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