Women's March co-organizer Linda Sarsour selected to speak at City University of New York

What is interesting about Linda Sarsour is that the foundation of her platform is promoting Islam (promoting religion), yet her involvement in Women's March has given her followers the illusion that she is about women's rights. She is far from supporting women's rights, she supports female oppression through sharia law. She has verbally harassed women critics of Islam and had stated that female zionists cannot be feminists.

Most college students would protest a highly religious speaker on campus, such as a Christian, Catholic, Mormon, etc. Yet Linda Sarsour, a very pro-active Muslim, got her foot in the door.


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I often wonder if many Muslims see non-Muslims as non-human, and therefore the rules that apply to "humans" do not apply to us non-humans.  So, whereas they might feel that abortion is wrong for Muslims, it might be perfectly fine for non-Muslims.  In fact, they may consider that the world would be a better place if all non-Muslims had been aborted; and peace would reign supreme...under the supreme law.  So, a woman like Linda Sarsour could be perfectly comfortable in a women's pro-choice march, as long as it is choice for non-humans.  And my how we do feed right into their master plan.




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