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Can Atheism co-exist with 'Theism'? Some, Atheists say yes. I say no! 'Theism' and Atheism cannot co-exist. 'Revolution Atheists' is here. Together we put an end to 'Theism'.

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To defeat the Enemy, One must know the Enemy!

The Threat of Theism is too great for Humanity to endure for another decade. Already we see societies based around the preservation and even the continued existence of the dangerous thought of ‘Theism’. Much of humanity has been harmed by the existence of this damaging thought. ‘Theism’ has brought the Dark Ages unto humanity, and strangled scientific thought, while spilling lies of their mission for ‘Peace on Earth’ and ‘Good will to all men’.

How have our brethren here on Atheist Nexus deal with this entire affair? They avoid the affair! We tell each other of the faults in ‘Theism’ and that is where the story ends! Well, I am not stratified; not in the least. There are others, and thus the reason for the creation of this group.

The strong—those that control ‘Theism’—must be placed on a tight leash. The weak—those controlled by ‘Theism’—must now be shown the truth of Atheism. With our united effort, we shall free the world of ‘Theism’.

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The Never Ending Story!

Started by Andrew Lafont Dec 7, 2009. 0 Replies

It the Never ending stooooooooorrryyyyyyyy!!!! (And for those of you who have not seen the movie, Don't Watch It!)Atheism Vs Theism is an old debate, a long and old debate.I am a dedicated Atheist, I…Continue

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Comment by Brad on January 10, 2010 at 1:37am
History.. Where would we be without it..? I understand your frustration, but it is very important to stay focused on the truth and to understand them, because there are many truths that we must understand almost simultaneously, they must be understood and never forgotten. For that is what they have always known and have counted on in the west, we forget! And in todays world we forget at staggeringly fast time intervals.

I agree with you that the time is now to act and to come together. It's long past actually, we kind of got all cought up in the new fangled life, and we oooed and ahhhed over all the machines and chrome and enamel, and it all made us forget or not even think about the crimes of the past and the unjust laws of the past that we laugh at now,b ut yet we still alow new laws to replace the old, oh wait I can't pay attention right now I'm playing with my flat screen, and my touch screen, and can you see how fast my computer runs!!! All the while we loose more and more of our liberties. Who makes the calls in the world? Do we even know?

Yes we need to come together as atheists. Though we can't go about it hysterically, not that you are, just saying,we can't. We do I think, have to organize...very much like the masonic lodges around the world, we need to organize, meet, provide a local place for atheists, within communities , to go and be counted, feel heard, be heard, we need a real, tangible atheist brother/sister hood. The idea behind an atheist lodge, is that, being apart of a society like that atheists will be able to experience something they have never felt before, unity, welcomed. A place to express ideas, perspectives, observations, a wealth of information, with others that reside within your community.... A place where atheists can and will help other atheists in need of help.... Now I'm not a fan of the masonic organization, but they have been around for a very long time, longer than sources claim,.. anyway, that's another topic, the point is that atheists need what an atheist lodge system can offer.
Comment by Andrew Lafont on January 1, 2010 at 8:46pm

I know that my group is repetitive on the other groups you have mentioned, but I feel that this group is a tad more, for lack of a better term, 'Hardcore' than the others. This group includes debates, and goes beyond onto the 'Meeting' with 'Theists'. We here will debate, and eventually combine ourselves into a force to reckoned with, which will end 'Theism'.

Viva Atheism
Comment by Objection on December 31, 2009 at 9:04pm
Hey dude, I was browsing through the groups and I founded a few that seemed repetitive.
Your group resembles the group, Anti-theism, which I am a part of, and the even bigger group, Strong Atheism.
Just wanted to let you know.

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