A one-Christian crusade against Richard Dawkins & the Global Atheist Convention

Just prior to the start of the Global Atheist Convention on March 12, "Banana Man" Ray Comfort is dogging Dawkin's footsteps all over Australia and handing out his own version of Darwin's Origin of Species to college students everywhere he goes. (more on Comfort's antics here)



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Surprise, Surprise.This is all very routine as 'Bananaman and Sidekick are reknowned in Atheist Circles for their antics and thus, as a result, are followed vividly.
Personally I would find CHRISTIAN advocacy support of Atheists in their time of need?? to be more newsworthy an item. NOTHING against you who are not known to me or Atheists enjoying their Creationist Mockery.
Iam on Rationalia and Rational Skepticism Fora where all my beloved Family is and where atheists and Secularism has/is enabling the radical needed healing and humanising of my soul; a need not met in Christian Service cricle.
Its how he stays in business, the guy could be an atheist for all we know.
Who is behind Ray Comfort that he could print and make free distribution of his book? And what exactly his version of Darwin’s Origin of Species says? I would like to know more about this.
It more or less says some that their are alternatives to evolution and that there are gaps in evolution.
That bad? I didn't assume it was that bad from what I heard.




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