Anybody think this idea defeats the purpose of itself? After all that's what labs and this website are for. lol I constantly get crap for this now because people now tell me "Are you one of those crazy church atheists?" and I say "No I find evidence in evolution astronomy chemistry and physics, not some gathering place where as you would say we pray to nothing!" If I were Dawkin's I'd laugh at this idea and dislike the bad name it gives us. What is your opinion my fellow heathens?

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Church is a term that rightfully belongs to an archaic terminology. Simply put, replacing the term "god" with "Humanity" changes the weight and meaning behind everything said in a so called "religion." I like the idea of fighting sins (,or better, "acts") against "Humanity." I like hearing "In Humanity's Name" or "It goes against the teachings of Humanity" as apposed to what is typically said. Using the term "Humanity" draws all (us) into question rather than some nonsensical deity, of at best questionable origin. "Humanity" is the identification of the very essence of what we are all about. "Church" is a term describing a gathering of individuals who think and and act similarly. "Church" encompasses the desire for continuity and stability in a given society. The inherent flaw found in the concept of "church" is that its very institution frowns on the idea of change. In some minds, change is a threat to stability and the status quo. Change is the 'boogie-man' unknown used to scare the uneducated and uninformed. We all know change is inevitable and it should be accounted for, noted, and cherished as an opportunity for growth and understanding. So my feeling is that there should be no church, gathering, society or other manifestation of dogmatic mummery that covets sameness. Viva la difference! We are responsible for what we do! Responsibility lies with us!
So lemme get this straight. An atheist church? People are absolutely nuts.
The entire point of a church is to "worship" with likeminded "worshippers".
There is a lot of superfluous shit that goes with "going" to church or "being" at church but the overall arching theme of church is "worship". If someone can think of a better description of a churches' purpose please feel free but it will be a tough row to hoe.
So religion has worked so well with getting people all over the world to come together to worship something that atheists completely reject, that atheists are now willing to use the same tactic?
What exactly will those atheists be worshiping?... Do I need to go to their church to find out? What would qualify as membership to this church? Do I need to give my new athiest church money to further their athiest endevours? Will my new atheist church pastor tell me how to vote and raise my kids? What kind of sermons will atheist church pastors preach and how do I decide as an atheist parishoner which atheist church best suits my personal philosophies? Should I go to the only atheist church in my area out of convenience or should I pack up the wife and kids and move closer to the "mega" atheist church in some other state or country?
This whole athiest church thing is just one more bad idea in a history of bad ideas.
For any serious atheist to even consider that such a thing is in anyway viable seems to me ludicrous.
I cannot as an atheist take something as panderous as an athiest church seriously in spite of a fellow athiests' best intentions.
Carl Sagan once said that "intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong."
This church idea fits into that category. Just because an athiest is absolutely right about their disbelief in religions and gods doesnt mean that those same athiests can't be dead wrong about goofy ideas no matter what their intentions.
It's an oxymoron and contains the danger that it could be used as a wedge. If secularism can be painted as a religion, secular teachings such as evolution run the risk of being excluded from school curricula, with church/state separation being used as the hammer.
And it's slightly reminiscent of the French revolutionaries who had got rid of the clergy, then set up temples to worship the goddess of reason, thereby completely missing the point.
Nothing wrong with gatherings of like minded individuals though. Pubs are good. Coffee shops. Barbecues...
Wow, I hate the word, and others in different languages. There are centres for inquiry all over that would do the same as the most awesome church for atheists would too so why double up? Why not have everyone check out the more scientific and educational Centres for Inquiry and not that dreaded despicable word that brings only the nastiest images to mind.
So NO!! lol

I am a legally ordained Minister of the First Church of Atheism.




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