Bill O'Reilly & Deepak Chopra say they "kicked Richard Dawkins' ass"

(11/3/11) Hollywood is famous for putting fantasies onscreen but sometimes they get outdone by the claims of television personalities. Check out the video from at left and see if that's not the case here. Conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly, who hosts The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News network, features a recurring segment called Believers vs Non-Believers. On it last night, he reran parts of an earlier show where he locked horns with famed biologist and atheist, Prof. Richard Dawkins, claiming that Dawkins' new science book for children, The Magic of Reality, was an attempt to "get to the kids and say you're an idiot if you believe in God."


He used that to enlist his current guest, spirituality and alternative medicine promoter Deepak Chopra, who (like Dawkins had been) was there to promote a book, into a criticism of the absent atheist... not that Chopra was reluctant to chime in.


More, including a video, here.



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Yeah, they kicked Richard Dawkins' ass.  Just like I kicked Mike Tyson's ass.


Right, Chris!

Why do intelligent people such as Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, go on FoxNews?

Probably for the same reason educators go and teach at prisons.  Trying to bring some knowledge and enlightenment to the gullible and ignorant who have chosen the wrong path.  Are you going to reach everyone?  No.  The majority?  No.  A few?  Hopefully!

 Chopra and O'Reilly..theres a match made in..oops!  Now if we could get them to connect with Coast to Coast AM!!

Check out this blog I did on Chopra.  I called it "Hero of the stupid"

It's futile unless he was trying to sell his books, which is brilliant. Duh!

As if DeepCrap ChokesYa has a scientific leg to stand on when dissing Richard Dawkins.  Let's see Bill Orally have J.K. Rowling debate Neil deGrasse Tyson about how the laws of physics can be influenced by chanting and wand-waving...because making millions selling woo-woo lends a person so much more credibility than scientific degrees and actual scientific achievements.  Seriously - does anyone give any weight to what a couple of idiots think about Richard Dawkins?  I don't.  If Richard Dawkins' vision came true there would be far fewer gullible idiots out there buying into the woo and people like ChokesYa and Orally would have to get real jobs.

Chopra is such an idiot. I don't even see how he's relevant in these types of discussions anymore. As for Bill O, well he just has no place speaking on it. 

Tides go in, tides go out. Can't explain that hurr hurr hurr. What a bunch of ridiculous nonsense that only a Fox News viewer would take with any seriousness. 

The only thing they should've said was thank you Mr. Dawkins for taking time to make us seem relevant for a second. 

Bitch, please. I've seen a few of Dawkins' appearances on the O'Reilly Factor and he reduces Billo into a stammering moron. Of course, Billo's definition of an ass-kicking is "I'm yelling louder than you are so I'm winning!" 


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