On July 29, 1966, when the teenybop magazine "DATEbook" published an excerpt of a John Lennon interview where he stated that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus."
I only hope that Charles Darwin & Richard Dawkins will become as Popular as both John Lennon and Jesus Christ.

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If I recall correctly, He he got in a lot of trouble for saying that.
It's charming, really, to look back at the furor this remark created. What benighted people we Americans were. And are. Bunch of bible-clutching Jesus dopes. Embarrassing.

Lennon's remark was hyperbolic of course. Didn't mean he wasn't accurate. The Beatles were annoyingly popular. An amazing convergence of the old record business and the (at the time) new. It'll never ever happen again.
it's easy to be bigger than jesus nowadays. Who really cares about jesus? Only fundies. Therefore just about every popular musician is bigger than jesus.




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