If your intrested its easy and youll get them within a few days message me if you want 1.. or many lol

if your cant read it it says ATHEIST AND PROUD OF IT!!

make a statement this 2011 year!! and show everyone !

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Sweet! there shipping out faster then i had expected which is really cool! hope you enjoy it!
hahaha ill look into that lol

I have mine and wear it proudly!!!  Still have to work on that picture of my sons and I wearing them - we had a couple of deaths in the family last week :(


Thanks for the fast service, Jason!  I love my bracelet :)

I am so sorry to hear that about your family :( i hope all is as well as it can be, and thank you VERRYY VERRYY much for helping me out :)

i hope you have a great day!


Thanks, Jason, I appreciate that :)  I was more than happy to help out and THANK YOU for such a wonderful offer!
Great idea, great design!

I've been wearing mine since I received it!  It's stretched slightly, but still looks great.  Jason, do you still have some on hand?  I'd like to buy a couple more :)  


They are well worth the price!

Yes i do i actually started selling them again because i got more in same color and saying. i dont remember the old price but when ever it was will still be for you any time you want them. just message me at jlfish18@aol.com with shipping info and how many :) i shread the info i had before so thats y im asking for the shippinf info again haha.

Thanks again

your friend


and if the new price is less go by that one. they are newly 2 per, or buy 3 get the 4th free. so in the end 4 for 6$
Just message me at jlfish18@aol.com with your shipping and how many you want. They are now for 2$ a piece. or if you buy 3 then you get the fourth for free :)

I am relatively new to this whole thing. Are you going to be continuing in 2012?


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