you know like the back of your hands that what is commonly used to confuse the whole world is like hard drug that is illegal in the entire world.I do not need to say it here but i guess that you all know it,when one swallow this pill in the name of religion she or he stops to think about the real  truth concerning the world,

That is not the point the point is that religion should be categorized with illegal drugs as heroin and name it

to continue..................the writer is atheist taking care of needy orphaned children, contact


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Yes John, even Marquis de Sade's noted in 1797 and  Karl Marx stated in 1843 "Religion is the opium of the people",  it has been well known to be such, but in crisis, people need opiates.  In extremely peaceful countries like Sweden and Iceland, they don't need opiates like religion, so those countries have become the most godless countries on planet Earth.  When the world is at peace, religion is no longer considered as useful. it's terror and conflict that keeps religion alive.

This is possibly why religion constantly creates conflict.

Theists know that without such conflict, religion cannot survive.

"Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes"

Karl Marx

There is a chapter and version in the Buy Bull that says God gave man all the herbs of the earth.  Why won't all these Christian lawmakers honor that and let me legally buy weed?

Yeah, all the herbs of the earth ... including oleander and hemlock.  Swell god, eh?

I wanna see them try to exercise "dominion" over some deadly nightshade.  Truthfully, I'd pay money to see that!




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