How many times have we heard this one?  Well, next time you do, refer your clueless creationist adversary to THIS!

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Damn, this is so much better than myths! We can actually see the evidence, right there in the fossil record. I grew up being taught about a literal, ex nihilo, six day creation, but am filled with way more wonder, excitement and amazement by this than by the notion that God poofed everything into existence six (or ten) thousand years ago.

This is fantastic. However, $5 will get you $10 that if your asked this question by a young earth creationist, and you suggest that person actually go to a museum of natural history and look at the evidence in person, he/she will not do it. And, you'll hear some BS excuse as to why they won't, or why even if they did, it's all wrong, or god planted them there to test our faith, or there the remains of ancient space aliens, or some such other ignorant nonsense. As the adage says, "You can't cure stupid."

If a god created our universe six thousand years ago or so, complete with fully formed humans a few days later and "false" evidence such as radiocarbon dating, tens of thousands of endogenous retroviruses we just happen to share with chimps, and even the photons heading our way, supposedly from stars billions of years old... such a god would be a liar and trickster on a cosmic scale, something that many Christians attribute to his "worthy opponent" instead!

If such a god existed, it would not only be profoundly unworthy of respect and worship, but would also be going against many verses in its own bible!

...such a god would be a liar and trickster on a cosmic scale, something that many Christians attribute to his "worthy opponent" instead!

Well said, Grinning Cat!

Ruth, you owe it to yourself to read Robert Heinlein's Job: A Comedy of Justice.  Toward the end of the book, Heinlein points out this very fact.  Indeed, the character who reveals the supposed truism of Yahweh's trickery is downright disgusted about it ... and for reasons which are a touch surprising!

Give it a look.  You won't be sorry.

Gotta love the "faith testing" argument. Very useful for sweeping away niggling doubt. "God planted this evidence here, just for me, from the beginning of time (six thousand years ago), to suggest everything I believe in is a lie, in order to strengthen my ability to ignore such evidence. Makes sense!"

I wonder what students were doing during elementary and secondary classes, fussing with their hair or painting their nails? They certainly were not attending to the biology lessons and later the natural history ones. Oh well, they forfeited their opportunities to learn a new realm of existence and have not been able to explore beyond their hair and nails since then. 


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