Seems quite taken with supernaturalism in her personal life, judging from the article. She claims that she was ignorant of some aspects of the Roman religion which she now says disturb her. As if she wasn't aware of that institution's history??? She keeps repeating the phrase,"In the name of Christ," like a masturbatory litany. She seems an avid fan of prayer, so I guess she likes to talk to imaginary friends. If she ever was an atheist, as the article claims, perhaps she did not fully understand atheism and skepticism. She goes on to fawn over some man's alleged experiences with angels. She seems quite taken with his angelic tales. I'll now pull out Occam's Razor and say that I think she probably has some psychological problems that run deep. Whatever respect I once had for her as a successful writer in the horror genre, I relinquish. To me, she has made herself a disgrace and has devolved into an addle-brained wretch in the literary community outside of the Christian fiction genre. They ought to love her there. She is an embarrassment to any serious-minded literary establishment, in my opinion. She professes having been ignorant of the hatred of homosexuals espoused by the Roman Church and asserts that she could find no scriptural basis for church teachings she claims to now find offensive. [HINT: The scriptural basis for such hatred can be found in Leviticus, Anne]. She claims she's offended by Church teachings that still harm females the world over? She should show some shame for her foolishness and apologize for her alleged past ignorance. Anne Rice: Former Horror Writer and Author of Erotica Turns Christian Apologist.
She should buy a parrot and train it to say, "In the name of Christ," every time she conducts an interview.

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