This looks great. Such an important contribution.
Not picking nits.
I am struggling to make a very important point . . . cleanly.
Not there yet, this is a step on my lil journey.
The term "freethinker" is wide open, kinda by definition.
So it is a sad instance of punching a tar baby to start talking about God.
We don't need that shit, its completely obvious, but maybe for the sake of convenience, when talking to the benighted, we go there for a sec.
And thus it is instantly all over.
We could perhaps learn from peddlers of laundry soap. Yes they do mention "dirt" but only after they've put it in a white enamel box and made a box of their product tap dance on top.
The final point needs to be . . . not that we are not alone, but that we are together and so much better off than their togetherness.
But that's not really yet the case.
That's ok, as part of a process. But there ultimately has to be a transition from not-god to some more proactive, positive alternative.
I'm not offering anything positive like that at the moment, just suggesting that that's the real goal.

What do you think?

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