Thought I would get a discussion going by asking about the length of time in the RRS community! Specifically being signed up at

I have been an active member there for 2 years and 18 weeks (it has gone by so fast)
Thanks to MySpace where I found Stickam and finally introduced to the RRS website. It has been fun and I have met SO many awesome people and have learned so much about religion, science and life...!

Anyway, what about you guys?

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I've been around going on 2 years now. I think I first heard about the crew on youtube.
I found out about the RRS site from a friend who was dating the brother of one of the high level mods... i just lurked around reading for 6-8 months. Signed up for an account over a year and and half ago. I've met some of my best friends on the site oh, and yeah... awesome content too. :)
Brian had told me about it before they got it started and have been there since the very beginning. And I believe Shelley is talking about me. :)
I've known about RR for while but just signed up yesterday. So, one day.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the debate between RR and Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron you can watch it on google video. The entire debate took place over two nights. Ray consistently broke the rules of the debate by referencing the bible, which wasn't supposed to be allowed. In the end, RR basically gave those two guys a new umm, tucchus.

Part 1

Part 2
I've been a member of the RRS forums since 2006-03-19 (as username 'natural'), which is over 3 and a half years now. Prior to that, I was a member of the Infidel Guy forums, where most of the core RRS membership comes from. I guess I was on there for over a year, but I've lost track since IG switched his atheist-related forums to

RRS has been consistently the only place where I can find the level of critical thought and unapologetic atheism that I find intellectually stimulating. I've tried other forums and places, but never been satisfied elsewhere.

Just a warning to anyone reading this who's not familiar with the RRS forums: A lot of people have the wrong impression about RRS, based on rumours and haters, but if you go in with an open mind -- instead of assuming you know what it's all about -- then we are very welcoming of anyone willing to discuss anything with intellectual honesty. Some of our long-time members are people we strongly disagree with, but get along with just fine because they are honest to us and themselves. On the other hand, if you start making claims and accusations with nothing to back it up, we will challenge you unrelentingly. A lot of people can't handle this, and hence we get a lot of haters spreading rumours. Oh well, too bad for them. It is this very unapologetic attitude which keeps me a continuing member of the RRS forums. I even started promoting the word 'unapologetic' to describe this attitude. See The word is: Unapologetic.
I love the unapologetic attitude. (:

As for my official membership length: under 24 hours.
According to my profile I've been an RRS member (ObnoxiousBroad) for 3 years 39 weeks. My personal life sorta went into the shitter in 2007 so I've been inactive for quite a while as far as posting but hope to rectify that now that things have somewhat settled down. I'm glad Sapient's back & ready to rumble :)
(I'm known as Kapkao there)

Not long after I googled them... lurking around for since about a year and a half ago. I actually registered there twice. The first time I skulked about undoubtedly acting goofy and incoherent. Around that time I also realized that my mental faculties weren't quite as sharp as I remember them being, and I felt abnormally 'jumpy'. I was unaware that one of my life-sustaining meds had a slew psychiatric side effects associated with it.

Fast forward to January 12th, 2010. I dropped my SUPERgeneric intro thread of "Hi, I'm........ me" and shrugged off the inevitable and aggressive replies I found there after two days. I dropped my prednisone prescription after a month there, as well, and slowly returned to clear thinking.
I don't really know. I think I joined (the website) in the past year, but so much has been going on and I've never been good with time in memory. I haven't been around nearly as much as I'd like to be, but I joined the Nexus group, and I'm pretty sure I am in the fb group as well, so hopefully between them I will find myself around the RRS more this year.

I have not signed up on the website, but I am one of the original 1001 people who participated in “The Blasphemy Challenge” a little over five years ago. A challenge in which I received a free copy of Brian Flemming's documentary: “The god who wasn't there” on DVD. The Rational Response Squad's “Blasphemy Challenge” also was the very reason I decided to make my life long Atheism public, and the reason I created my original YT account. ;O)





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