Popular blogger and biologist, PZ Myers will be speaking at he Fairfax Campus of George Mason University in SUB II, Rooms 5-7. PZ Myers is a biology professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. He is an outspoken critic of intelligent design, and is an activist in the creation-evolution debate. PZ’s topic will be “Science Education: Caught in the Middle in the War Between Science and Religion.”

It is free and open to the public however there is a fee to park on campus. The Sandy Creek Parking Deck is the closest available visitor parking to the SUB II building. The rate is $2/hr with a maximum fee of $8. If you are taking the Metro, for $0.75 you can also take the CUE bus from the Vienna (Orange Line) Station to campus.

While the room has a capacity of 120, there seems to be a significant outside interest in the event therefore we recommend arriving early. The room will be open at 6 PM. Lecture begins at 7 PM.

The Rational Response Squad at George Mason University would like to thank the Secular Student Alliance for their assistance in making this event possible. www.secularstudents.org

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