I recently watched a video on a speech Sam Harris gave that he warned about labeling yourself an Atheist.  I wonder what your view is on what you do when you finally find a connection to a group that specifically identifies part of you.  Sometimes people label themselves because it specializes things that pertain to you.  At the same time we all know that we are all human.  The psychology of the human probably changes as rapidly as the seconds on a clock.  Our history and memory contains these ideas.

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One definition for irrational is - "not governed by or according to reason."

I consider theists to be irrational regarding their claims for the supernatural. I reject their claims. I don't know why there needs to be a special label put on ME. I'm just a rational person. Why must there be a special word for it? I guess it makes for an easier search on the Internet.

I wear the sobriquet with pride.

Don't have much enthusiasm for Harris though - because he's a rabid zionist.  Firmly believes Israel is 'entitled' to Palestine because ... well ... just ask him next time you go to one of his zionist rants lectures and watch him tie himself in knots trying to explain why "The Chosen People" are so ... ya' know, like ... uh ... Chosen.  And that's why they are entitled to murder, cheat, steal their way to their ever-growing apartheid state.

True.  Check it out:


Harris is fine eviscerating Xtians & Muslims but when it comes to The Chosen Ones - Ne pas toucher.

How about theist please don't apply?


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