Even though it seems counter-intuitive, religiosity is statistically on the decline.

Anyone who has ever spoken at length to a theist knows that the most rational and evidence based argument will never get through to them. The difference is Metaphysical and while non-belief is subject to disproof, belief is not. Atheists are small in number not because their arguments are insufficiently believable or there is just too much evidence in favor of god, but because theism offers a great deal of security without any actual cost to the believer in terms of social standing, responsibility,or respectability. In essence this is what faith is all about.

While Christianity is logically impenetrable (from the viewpoint of the believer) too much faith can lead to embarrassment if the society as a whole deems that form of cognitive dissonance undesirable. Historically, the trend has been a slow but steady creep from Theism to Deism.

So here's my question. While Theism can be chipped away at through science and social progress (the Earth was flat, women were inferior, 6000 year old earth, etc) can Deism ever be conquered? During Harris's debate with the Rabbi, I saw him retreat further and further into Deism every time Harris pointed out a logical fallacy or asked for proof. In my mind, something as purely metaphysical as a Deistic faith is totally invulnerable to criticism or change.

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Deism doesn't harm, harrass or hamper the way that theism does. It doesn't bother me.

Interesting observation, just the same.
I guess I would have to agree. I think that a world filled with Deists would be a lot safer than a world filled with theists. In that kind of a society, the only disagreement between Atheists and Deists would be how the universe was created and whether or not there is an objective purpose. Questions as metaphysical as this have a hard time materializing into actual tyranny.
Exactly. It would be the stuff of dinner conversations between friends. There would be no hate spewing like there is from some theists. Imagine a deist screaming "How dare you not acknowledge the sovereignty of the nameless, quite obviously absent, possibly even dead entity that made all of this!" :) Somehow it doesn't seem likely.
:D I agree that deism is quite a different matter than theism. It's a subtle, philosophical view that isn't totally based on mythical belief systems or irrationality.
"the only disagreement between Atheists and Deists would be how the universe was created and whether or not there is an objective purpose."

Somehow I doubt there would be disagreement even here. Deist usually don't make claims about how this god created the universe. Only that some unmoved mover was behind it all somehow. The one thing that could possibly end the deist discussion is the multi verse hypothesis. If we ever do prove that the universe is an infinite regress. I suspect that deism would lose it's appeal.
I agree though. Deist aren't someone that you have to have conflict with. There would be no wars fought over deism.




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