I've been putting a lot of thought into translating my beliefs into something useful. It's very interesting to read about and discuss the problems with religion, but once one sees the problems with religion, then what? One can sit back and watch while humankind slowly evolves (or not). Or one can do something to help the process along. I realize that it is neither right nor effective to try actively to *change* people's minds or force them to see reason. But what about people who already feel doubt? What about people who feel trapped by religion? This is a bit of a delicate question, especially where it involves children, but let's face it: brainwashing children with religious superstition is the main mode of transmission of religion. It's unfair, because children aren't prepared to think in a fully rational way about these questions. Yet, it isn't right, in some sense, to interfere with other people's raising their own children. And yet, when we suspect it is a dangerous cult, measures are sometimes taken. I'm not suggesting anything like this, but perhaps something much milder and less threatening. I'm thinking of something like an atheist hotline, where people with doubts about religion can call and receive some reassurance and maybe some sound counterarguments in warranted cases. I'd like to start looking into the logistics of setting such a thing up in the Santa Cruz area. Is anyone experienced and/or interested in such an endeavor?

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I think this would be very expensive under taking.. Advertising the phone number.. manning the phone # ect.
Bill --

this is a cool idea. I have often thought that it would be cool if an atheist group approached one of those churches that seek to "Teach the controversy" by inserting Creationism into our schools, and offer to visit their Sunday School classes and teach a bit of the controversy there. Sort of a "Preach the Controversy" approach. Turning the tables, you might say.

But your idea is a lot less confrontational, which is appropriate here in SC. I like it.




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