Brave Saudi Arabian Woman Confronts Religious Police Officer Harassing Her (VIDEO)


I've been to that mall. I've never noticed any mutawa there but probably I just didn't know what to look for. Anyway, fun video with woman telling a mutawa to stop following her, he can't tell her what to do, etc.

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Why can't those guys just stop controlling womens...

Because they can't tolerate the challenge to their ego. Their self concept and self-esteem is defined in such a way that to be "real men" they cannot permit the thought into their minds that women might have any power over them, in particular, sexual power. They would feel emasculated. By hinging their masculinity on false premises, not only do they do great damage to the women in their society, but ultimately they do themselves a disservice as well. Real men can appreciate powerful women without being intimidated by them.

"golli, eish bitsawwi?" oh how I'd love to say that to a matawaa.




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