The scorched lands were the last place that Val wanted to travel. The earth was desolate and void of growth. One might suspect it of a commonplace desert if not for the regular cool weather and frequent rainfalls. Nothing grew there. At least not since the fall of the last stone wielder. Of coarse, all men in the seven eastern kingdoms knew that old myth. Or thought they did. This place brought painful memories back. The fall of the old system and the destruction of man's will. The failure of the stone wielders; My failure.

But that was all in the past now and the future was always changing. Like the wind, it always chose it's own coarse, unpredictably. Not that men didn't attempt to guide the course that the times would take. How can man catch the wind? Wasn't this what Val himself sought to accomplish?

“I'm getting old.” Val muttered and slowly shook his head. “Starting to ramble in my own head...”

“Old?” Val's traveling companion, Malek, said. “You look younger than the day I met you, and damned if you're not moving faster the longer we travel...”

Val looked South. “I'm just..... eager to be done with this. One way or the other.”

“Ha! Mind rambling or not, doesn't affect your focus a bit... I'm hungry and tired. I could use a hot meal and a shade tree, but since neither of those can be found I'll have to settle for more dried beef and that rocky overhang.”

Val shrugged. “Well enough, this is where we part ways.”

“Here? Looks the same here as it has the whole way. Sure this is it?”

“This is it, trust me. It's time you took my horse as we discussed. I won't be needing her anymore. Take her to the old one in Krilis. She'll have the rest of the payment I promised, just tell her Valor sent you.”

“I trust you. Don't understand you, but I trust you. You're a strange man Val... A strange one, but a good one from my reckoning. You ever need a hand again, look me up, yes?” Malek held out his hand.

Val smiled and grasped it. “I will if I need a dirty one.” His smile faded. “Good bye,” he said as he walked off waving his hand behind him. If only my soul were as clean.

Malek stared at his back as Val moved further south. He really does look younger... maybe the road has taken a larger toll on me than I thought. Valor....

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More, please.

Thank you. Maybe when I have some more free time on my hands.

Hey James that was awesome!

You are a good writer!

Thanks so much for posting your story. I would love to read more.

Thanks Steph. Writing is the only creative thing I've been half way decent at. I don't do it a lot though. I'd much rather read someone else's work.

But you have great talent. And I thought you had great talent at the solar car you made too.

You are underestimating your wonderful abilities.

Well thank you. While some might see the glass as either half empty or half full, I believe you see it as the excess that couldn't fit in the first cup. :)


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