The Atlas of Middle-Earth (Revised Edition) [Paperback]


The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth [Paperback]

The Histories of Middle Earth, Volumes 1-5 [Box set] [Paperback]


All of these books are good companion books as you read Gwaithmir's Fan Fiction. One can look up references of geography in the Atlas. The Guide and Histories can be helpful in referencing information.

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Another excellent book, which I regard as a companion book to The Complete Guide to Middle Earth, is Guide to Tolkien's World by David Day. It contains a chronology of the ages of Middle Earth and about a hundred fantasy images of the its beasts, peoples and places.


Guide to Tolkien's World: A Bestiary


Again, my profuse thanks to Steph for her attention and support.

Oh how cool! I will have to add that one too! Thanks Gwaithmir.




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