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This is great stuff Loren! I remember seeing that movie. I liked it.

Well, I DIDN'T like it, not in the slightest, and entirely because of the ending.  I suppose I have this ... this THING: I do NOT want the bad guys to win, sure as hell not when the setup looks like what Fallen did and not when a good and determined detective like John Hobbes has to come so close only to be frustrated because some tabby-cat was hiding under the cabin.

Put bluntly, this is my way of saying:

to the writer of that flick, never mind to Azazel ... and any other entity that thinks they can get the drop on us.  Heinlein didn't call us the most dangerous species on the planet because we play nice!

Oh ok - I thought you did like the movie and that is why you wrote about it. I misinterpreted your meaning there. Sorry.
Oh and when that movie came out I was still a believer. So I'm sure if I were to watch it again today my thoughts on the movie would have changed.

Loren, I agree with you about the movie. The biggest reason I watched was because of Denzel. He is one of the actors that I will go to a movie just because he is in it. I like your ending much better. If the story requires the hero to die, I'm okay with it, but it really has to service the story, not just to shock.

Thanks, always look forward to the stuff you post. Be well.

Thanks to you both for your input.  It is as I stated: I Do Not Like It when the bad guy wins, especially when the "bad guy" is a form of being which doesn't even exist.  It's bad enough when the bad guys get away with it in real life.  I have no desire to tolerate it in my entertainment.  Fallen and movies like it where there is no recompense for bad action do far more than just rub me the wrong way, and it's worth noting: I've watched Fallen ONCE ... and it hasn't been out of its carrier since.




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