Serendipity strikes yet again. I was perusing my YouTube feed when something completely unexpected shows up, something called, "The Verse." Now, to those unschooled in Joss Whedon or a particular creation of 10+ years ago, poetry might come to mind. However, what we're really talking about here is The 'Verse - note the apostrophe - or to be clearer, the Universe of a clever and creative yet ill-fated television show known as Firefly.

Despite its brief tenure on the tube, Firefly left an indelible impression on those of us who have an appreciation for science-fiction, especially when it trends to the quirky, unusual, and engaging. Joss Whedon's series was all of that and a lot more. Now, over a decade since Firefly's light went dark, there is a YouTube group looking to rekindle that fire, much in the same way as multiple Star Trek fans have created their own productions and published them for our enjoyment.

That said, allow me to offer for your entertainment: The Verse. Enjoy.

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very good - enjoyed it




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