Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?


     On the move again. All glory pulled tight around him like a shroud. No leakage of power, so detection should be impossible. Flying blind as a bat through the cosmos, only peeking occasionally to determine his location, hoping they would not detect that small use of his power to zero in on him.

     ‘The only one left’, he thinks to himself. Though technically he had always been the only one of his species, he had had many and varied manifestations. They were pieces of himself cast into the void to illuminate the darkness, teach morality, truth, salvation, to bring the lower species into harmony so they could expand into celestial beings, to join him, love him unequivocally, be with him without fear and regret for eternity. But they were vile, brutish, evil, sub-creatures, always determined to go their own way. They had rejected and killed off all his avatars, taking a bit of him each time.

     Extending his senses, he detects a small, little out of the way galaxy near to where he is passing. Something seems familiar. What could it….yes! The original galaxy! They would never think of looking there. The infestation had originated here, and spread through the entire cosmos, but they had abandoned their original galaxy and planet eons ago. What a better place to hide than in the lions den, as it were.

     Quickly, he found the original solar system and planet. ‘Now’, he says to himself, ‘time to exert a little of my true powers’. He extends his omniscience to engulf the blue, jewel like planet orbiting its sun. He detects nothing beyond primitive flora and fauna. No higher order intelligence. His omniprescence seeps into every living and non-living area of the planet. He descends, landing on a windswept plain, knee high grasses bowing slightly at his arrival.

     He was moved by its beauty, this little planet. The multi-hued greens of its grasses, the blue of its skies, the orgasmic splash of its flowers. ‘I should have stopped there,’ he thinks to himself, ‘and never thought to bring higher level intelligences about.’ But then, he would have been lonely, oh so lonely. With no creatures that could appreciate his creation, the beauty, the terror filled wonders he had wrought. Creatures that could think, so he could have a personal relationship with them. So he wouldn’t be alone. All he ever wanted from them was understanding, love, and, yes, worship. After all, he did create them. He wanted nothing more than what any father wanted.

     Bending over to pluck a wildflower, a niggling feeling tickles the base of his skull. ‘I’m found!’ he realizes. He arcs back toward the cosmos, but encounters a barrier. He tries again and again, bouncing around the atmosphere like a billiard ball, unable to escape. ‘Trapped,’ he thinks to himself.

     Looking down, he sees them standing patiently in the field he had recently departed. ‘If I’m going down,’ he thinks, ‘so are they.’

     He unleashes his power. Power he has kept shrouded through the eons. A tornado strides across the land toward them. Rain and hail strike them. Lightning tears at the ground around them. They must die after all they had done to him. His love was great, but his wrath was eternal.

     The storm rages mightly, fueled by his righteous hate and anger. Destruction upon destruction piled upon them. Utter, total chaos reigns, as if vomited up from the very pits of hell itself. Finally, it abates, and he lands to survey what he has wrought.

To his surprise, they are still standing, unscathed, calm, resolute. Drawing himself up, his head in the clouds, arms stretched from horizon to horizon, he takes a deep breath, and proclaims,

“I am GOD! I am your lord and master! I created you! Fall on your knees and worship me!”

In silence they looked on. Finally one strode forward. Looking up, he said “ We know who you are, but we are MAN!”

     The words struck god like a knife, ripping and tearing his soul apart. He fell to his knees before them. Looking up, he was struck by the countenance this man projected. He saw confidence, humility, kindness. Knowledge and reason burned brightly. How was this possible without him?

Why hast thou forsaken me?”

     The man steps forward to address him. There is a small, sad somewhat bittersweet smile on his face, as if memories of a simpler nostalgic time are present. Gently, he raises god before him.

     “We have no intention of harming you” the man says, “ and we have not forsaken you.  We needed to have you someplace we could keep an eye on you, so your sickness could no longer be a threat to humanity and others. So we set up the old earth as an area of confinement for you. You can feel free to use all your powers here, but they will be confined to this one planet. If indeed we had forsaken you, it would have ended here.  We are hoping for your recovery from these delusions you have, this mental illness. We will be watching, and if that day does arrive, we will gladly and gloriously welcome you back to a humanity that will still love you as an equal member in our society. Be well, may joy and peace find you and hasten you along your path to recovery.”

     The man walked back to his group, and as one, they vanished. After a time, god looked up and shook his fist at the sky. ‘They said they still loved me’ he thought to himself. Well, he would make them regret it. After all, he was GOD, and he would rise again, stronger than ever. This time, however, he would make no mistakes. Reaching down, he fashions a man from the dirt, and breathes into his nostrils.

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Seems I saw a saying once, not that long ago, that went something like:

A loving god has no interest in worship.  A narcissistic god demands it.

True 'dat, my friend.

I agree with Loren. And Tony you write so beautifully. Maybe you will get your writings published someday.

But most of what I write is for cathartic purposes, to work out stuff that's on my mind. Still, I may someday. Thanks, Steph. I really appreciate you very much. Be well.




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