Hi I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is James Bradford. I'm a 32 year old author of fantasy novels. I have only one book released so far but I'm currently working on three others. My main focus is on my novel series. I look forward to interacting with others in this group.

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Good to hear from you James. I admire your work ethic. You and anyone who has written a book really. I write short things every now and again but never bother to get very far on a large project.

Thank you. Writing is my passion. I've been doing it pretty much my entire life.

How wonderful James! Is your novel available on Amazon?

My first book is simply a short story but it's an introduction to my novel series. It's titled "The Catacomb Dungeon" and it is available on Amazon.

I'll have to get it!

I'm really glad you're interested in my work. That book is very special to me. It was a realization of my dream to become an author. I really hope you enjoy it.

Oh and nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too.




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