Hey, godless fans of fantasy and sci-fi! 

I want to let you all to know that my edgy new YA fantasy was launched at the Brattleboro (Vermont) Literary Festival last week before a healthy crowd of book-lovers. This one is bound to create a stir--as long as enough people manage find out about it. How can Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum be moved to condemn the novel as vile and Satanic if they never find out it exists?

Jerry Coyne just gave it a solid boost last week over at his website, saying, "It might make a nice Christmas present for heathen teens."  And following that mention, the Richard Dawkins Foundation website picked it up.  This week, Russell Blackford, the well-known philosopher/writer/atheist in Australia, offered to write a review.  Please help get the word out! 

You'll enjoy POLLY for sure.
  It's available online in trade paper and as an ebook, and, of course, through your local indie bookseller.

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thank you for posting your book


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