I found a new website with Sci-Fi fan fiction.

Looks promising.



Welcome to SciFi Minds

SciFi Minds is a website focussing on science fiction. We are devoted to bringing you news, fan-fiction, episode guides, links, discussion, and much more.

Our original raison d'être was fan-fiction, and this still forms an integral part of our site. Fan-fiction is stories written by fans of a book, television show or film, that use the characters and universe created by the authors of the original work. Any registered user of SciFi Minds can post fan-fiction on the site, where it appears instantly. Original science fiction is welcome too.

As well as fan-fiction, we offer discussion boards, where you can talk to other fans and fiction writers. We also have an extensive news section, multiple links pages, and a webring.

The whole site is community driven. Register for a SciFi Minds account (it's free!) and you can post your own fiction, review other people's fiction (as any responsible reader would), take part in the bulletin boards, private message other SciFi Minds users, and much more. You will see people's usernames in various places on the site - one click on a username and you get details about the user, plus a whole host of contact details for if you want to speak to them.

From all of us who work behind the scenes here at SciFi Minds, we hope you will enjoy visiting and participating on this site. If you have trouble with any part of it, please don't hesitate to get in touch, and we'll do our best to help you out.

The SciFi Minds Team

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