This is a great website with many stories on Star Trek The Next Generation.

Think of all the hours you could spend here ... reading all these wonderful tales.

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So cool Steph, thanks! I just got finished watching an episode called "Lessons", where Picard falls for a new science officer who helps him explore his music with the flute he learned when he lived another life on a planet which was destroyed 1000 years ago when its star went supernova. A beautiful episode full of joy and sadness, they end their relationship when she almost dies as a result of his orders and he realizes he could never order her into danger again. This episode will stay on my DVR for a long time, and in my heart even longer.

Steph, thank you for this. Already read three since I got home from work. Will let you know of any I particularily like.

That's awesome Tony I am so glad to hear that you love the website! Yes I'd love to hear the stories that you like.
Jedi I have STNG on DVD. I just love the series. I hope you like the website too!

I have at least one or two seasons on DVD, but they are overseas packed in boxes with all my other things. :-( TNG was what I grew up with, it was a big part of what went into making me who I am. I was also a huge fan of Voyager later on, I remember coming home from school and staying up until 11pm to watch each new episode begin, which meant I was up until 12am every night of the week! I would never have done that if it weren't for the impact TNG had on my childhood. I look fwd to reading these stories!

I grew up with STNG too Jedi. Did you ever watch the old series?

I also really loved Voyager too ... I love all the series.

Very cool Jedi ... more stuff in common

Jedi, Steph, just to come clean, TOS was my favorite, TNG my second favorite. If I need to turn in my card, so be it. BTW, the Klingons were my favorites. Even tho' many see them as inspired by the oriental mindset, I see them as more like the Native American plains tribes, particularily the Lakota, with some southwest tribal influences. What were yall's favorite aliens?

I love the original series too Tony. I also have the TOS on DVD as well .. and the enhanced DVD set too.

Spock was my favorite in the original series. I just adored him.

I loved the Vulcans .. they were my favorite alien species. 

You are likely older than I am, Tony, so it would be natural to have a special affinity for TOS. I also am a big fan of the Klingons, I came to realize that they were the representation of man's passionate side, which was the opposite of the Vulcans who represent the rational side. I sure never made the connection to native American tribes before! Also think the Borg were pretty bad-ass.

I just love the Borg! Love them!

:-D Resistance is futile.

Yeah, I'm 58. And yeah, the Borg, totally scary, totally badass. It wasn't until my late teens that I made the connection to Greek tragedy and Star Trek. Pretty slow of me. So with every subsequent series, I watched closely for the common mythology/cultural indices, and came up with the Native Americans influence. And I could be completely wrong, but it seems to fit pretty good. But probably so could some others, as the writers seemed to draw from all over.




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