Burroughs wrote the original Tarzan books. The God's of Mars is the second in a series. It is a beautiful metaphor for religious absurdity. Not to give too much away, but Mars is depicted as a planet with multiple races, each having its own religious beliefs. The religious beliefs of each race makes it "more special" than the other races. Turns out the religions were merely mechanisms for a few privileged ass holes to use and manipulate the masses... Imagine that!

The audio version is available for free at:


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Neat stuff, Edward.  Thanks for posting this and for making me aware of the archive.org site.

The book is available at Gutenberg.

I think that's why scifi originally appealed to me (and I bet many others). In times or countries where discussions of religion, economic systems or political systems could get people excommunicated, ostracized or denounced as unpatriotic, scifi writers could make points about religion, politics and economics via creating imaginary worlds and get away with it. When you grow up with an education system and mass media constantly telling you that "our way is the best way", it is easy to forget or not even think about other possibilities. (much like growing up in a religious family and community)


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