I was actually shocked by the power of the arguments I found which, as I say in the paper, show that not only is it irrational to believe in an omnibenevolent, just deity given the problem of evil, such as the frequency of undeserved suffering in the world, e.g. the suffering of children, it is immoral. I.e. it is a morally indefensible position to either ignore or attempt somehow to explain away the problem of evil (undue suffering) in support of the idea of a just god. I just blew your mind, didn't I? :-)


I particularly enjoyed the two analogies comparing Yahweh to a lifeguard who purposely drowns his own children (and how do you defend that and still call him a just god?) and to a magician-king who offers to "save the world" if you would only let him have one of your children first to anally rape and barbecue. The question one cannot seem to get past in this second example: tell me again why you need to do this to my son first before you save the world? Couldn't you just save the world without ass-raping and torturing little boys, you sick bastard?


Ah man, I had a lot of fun writing this one, I hope you get a comparable amount of satisfaction from reading it. Let me hear your comments!

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My problem with Yahweh's treatment of Job is plain and simple: why would a loving and caring god jerk around one of his creation merely to win a bet?  From where I sit, not only is that deity subject to the temptation he sometimes condemns his creation for, but his ego cannot permit such a challenge to go unanswered, therewith demonstrating himself to be as flawed as the humans who thought him up in the first place.

Gee, are we supposed to be surprised at this?

Hah Loren, an excellent point, one I would love to make in a broader treatment of the problems with the entire story of Job. But Yahweh does much worse things too. Not only does he permit Satan to kill all 10 of Job's children and destroy all his wealth, he is ultimately responsible for all evil, completely undermining any sense of him being a just god. It never ceases to amaze me how theists praise god for everything good that happens but don't in any way blame him for all the bad things that happen to people. Eh, I throw my hands up at these people sometimes!

As the last arguer said in the teleplay, God On Trial, "god is NOT good; he's merely been strong...," after which he posits that perhaps the god of the Israelites has made a NEW covenant with someone else.

As I and others have observed elsewhere, Yahweh is nothing more than a bully, one with severe ego issues as well, who reminds me too much of one of those kids who plays with his magnifying glass on an anthill.

Yep, basically just man imagining himself to be ultimately powerful and as great as he could imagine - essentially wish-fulfillment writ large!




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