My paper on Thumos (Spirit) and how it can serve as the basis for human value, as opposed to Plato's theory of the Good as he presents it in the Symposium


Symposium is perhaps Plato's best work, at least I found it so. It is Plato's attempt to describe Love, and through this to explain the Good. He first sets the scene of a group of 7 or so men meeting at one of their houses, when one of them comes up with a theme for the night's drinking - each of them taking turns praising the god of love, Eros. There are seven speeches made that night, one of them by Socrates (though in his he only relates what he has learned from the priestess Diotima, for he claims to be ignorant himself).


My paper only deals with 4 of the seven speeches, though I highly recommend reading the whole book for all 7. And, since this is an atheist website, I will point out for the real sticklers that one can (and really should) read "spirit" just to mean "motivation". Hope to hear some good comments on my paper, I am quite proud of it (one should get the joke if one has read the paper)!

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Downloading paper to read.


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