Hey folks... just wondering if anyone here has read or likes Steven Eriksson's "The Malazan Book of the Fallen" series?

I for one, love it! and would recommend it highly to anyone who's a fan of dark epic fantasy.
He's broken every cliche of the fantasy genre (thankfully) - and you won't be finding any elves, orcs or white robed magicians here :-)


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i haven't read it, but i've looked at the books at the store and thought they looked interesting. what is the first book in the series?

you may want to check out brandon sanderson's mistborn trilogy, it's got some interesting spins on the fantasy genre. i've read 2 out of 3, and the girlfriend says that it ends great.
"Gardens of the Moon" is the first part... and 9 have been released so far. A very very lengthy tale! And it's rather non-linear story telling so you might be a wee bit confused.
And will check out the Mistborn series... many thanks :-)
Hmmm, sounds interesting. Will keep an eye out for it!




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