Climate change 'hysteria' like a sci-fi movie, Coalition MP tells f...

At the Heartland Institute’s gathering to promote Climate Change Denial in Las Vegas, George Christensen compared calls for action on climate change to a sci-fi horror film.

Showing slides depicting scenes from Star Trek and the Kevin Costner film Waterworld, the MP said the climate change “major motion picture” was previously a “slasher-style horror flick as ever more graphic descriptions are used to scare people into submission”.

But now the plot had moved into a “farcical comedy as government and environmental terrorists make ridiculous suggestions about how mankind will control the planet”, Christensen said.

The thing is, Climate Destabilization really is like a Sci-Fi disaster movie. Consider the scope of devastation and the speed with which it's unfolding. Not all sci-fi disaster movies have a happy ending. Knowing, for example, is something like Climate Destabilization accelerated 20 orders of magnitude.

The antics of the US House of Representatives and international climate negotiations are a bit of a farcical comedy. They fit the formula for incompetent narrow-minded well-intentioned politicians, bureaucrats and military essential to disaster flicks.

Christensen and other Climate Change Deniers just lack the imagination of life-long sci-fi fans, to grasp a reality undergoing rapid, irreversible change. Despite the alleged greater fearfulness of right wing psychology, at a gut level they take happy planetary stability for granted.

To me Christensen's comparison is a nested irony, because he almost gets it while tragically failing. There's a role in sci-fi for the political fool who denies the coming apocalypse because it resembles a sci-fi flick. He's a template for this niche role in upcoming the disaster movies.

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Sci-fi always pointed at the things we should watch, sometimes I'm amazed to find the warnings in a dusty paperback from the 40s.




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