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I'm Martyn Stanley, author of the Atheist Fantasy Series 'The Deathsworn Arc' 

Books 1 & 2 are available now:-



The books have an atheist pragmatist theme which starts out subtle, but gets stronger in book 2. Book 3 is due out very soon.

I'm really looking for idea on how to promote this work. Anyone got any good suggestions on where I specifically promote atheist fantasy books?

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Thanks for the links.  I have in the next few days an atheist polyamorus post-Apocalyptic novel, The Road To Welkin - an erotic romance of the 22nd century.  I would be happy to share kindle or epub with members who might want to discuss it.The World of Hunter Byrd.

Hello, Martyn,

By a pleasant coincidence, I've just published an eBook that is anti-religion, anti-capitalist, and anti-monogamy.  The Road To Welkin (an erotic romance that takes place in the 22nd century) should be in online stores within the week.  What we both need are positive reviews, so I'll be glad to buy yours on Amazon (has to be bought to review) and post a review, if you'd like to reciprocate.  Mine is $4.99, but you never know what Amazon will price it at.

I think we should ask forum members to help.  There are few fiction books that are atheist-positive, and fiction is a good way to reach people who have no interest in the matter.  Here is an excerpt from the book.

With her 13-year old daughter Tabitha, Austerity has escaped the religious cult of Consecration where she was "third-wife" to a brutal Elron, and joined a small traveling circus.  The Elrons track her down and intercept the caravan:

<Their early departure that morning took them through a forested glen, the mists still rising as the day warmed. Their destination was off the main trail into a less-traveled path that wound next to a small stream, thick with alders. As they slowed to climb a rise, four men stepped into the roadway, bows pulled and arrows aimed.

"Stop right there," ordered Righteous, and spat betel juice. "Austerity Godlove, your life of sin is over. Make one move and you and all your devilish companions are dead." The caravan halted. "Now, whoever you are, sinner, we'll make this simple. You do as I say, you may get out of this alive. First, I want my wife and my daughter, Elron Judah's bride. Now get yourself down and open the wagon she's in. Do it slow, because if I see anybody move fast, I'll give the order to fire."

Austerity saw that besides Judah and Righteous there were two Scholars she didn't recognize. She glanced at her side, where her bow was fitted with an arrow, but Righteous's steely gaze was on her. Fidéle slowly climbed down, and made his way to the third wagon. He reached up and knocked three times at the panel. "That's right," said Righteous, "Open the door, and let's have Tabitha. She'll be a thirdwife before nightfall." "Even though she'll need to be disciplined first," added Judah, with an ugly smirk.

Fidéle opened the panel. The two dogs leaped out and went straight for the Elrons. In close quarters their bows were useless. Righteous ducked and came back up, his aim turned for Austerity, but in those scant seconds she had fitted her arrow and shot. Righteous grunted and slumped, an arrow through his thigh. He managed to aim his bow again, but Noah's arrow caught him in the throat and he fell heavily, blood spurting from his mouth. The dogs had bowled over Judah and headed for the two younger men, who dropped their weapons and tried to flee; they were easily taken down. Judah was shaken but regained his footing, drawing his bow, but Tabitha's arrow pierced him in the left eye. She refitted an arrow, but the two Scholars were pinned to the ground by the dogs.

Austerity, panting, her heart pounding, dismounted and walked over to Righteous and stood over him. He was still alive, his breathing a rough, wet red wheeze, his hands clutching at the arrow in his throat. "I should leave you here to die slow, like you did my mama," she spat. "But I shall be merciful." She leaned over him and in one swift motion slashed his throat with her knife, and the blood spurted, soaking his beard.

The two unharmed men were on the ground, the massive dogs intimidating any movement. Gradually, everyone began to calm down, regaining their composure. Fidéle turned to Austerity. "What do you want done with these vermin?" She thought. "If we let them go, they'll likely head for Prince George. What can you do that lets folk know they are evildoers?" "There's only one punishment short of death for their kind in this valley," he said. "May I borrow your knife?" He approached one of the terrified men.

"It was religions like yours that ended the Old Times. Religions pouring superstitious fuel onto the flames of ignorance. The Bad Times were the poison fruit of their foul teachings. Having destroyed a civilization, they live, you live, in the fetid crannies of the earth; like roaches and flies you breed on filth.

"We will not prevent you from returning to your lair, but I shall make certain you will not find a welcome among decent people. I offer you your life at the cost of marking you forever as a zealot. Your choice: if you wish to live, be still while I do this. If you resist, I'll cut your throat."

The man held still, grimacing while Fidéle cut a cross into the skin of his forehead, the blood dripping down the man's face. Then he moved on and did the same to the other. They were allowed to keep their weapons. As the caravan resumed its way, they were rifling the belongings of the Elrons.>

Hunter Byrd




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