If you have landed here, then I'm going to assume you are a fan.  I personally began to watch "Game of Thrones" on HBO last year for it's first season, and I couldn't get enough!!  I felt crappy about having to wait until next season, so I decided to go pick up the books.  Just finished #5 "A Dance with Dragons" and HOLY SCHNIKEEZ!!!  These are some long ass books, and I just blew through them.  I'm hoping there are other fans here among the atheist ilk, that would like to open up some topics regarding these books and shows.  If indeed you ARE a fan, let me just float the first question, the one question there seems to be a lot of speculation on.

WHO IS JON SNOW'S MOM?????  DAD?????  What's his deal???

Please do add your questions as well, and we discuss!!!

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Well if you haven't read the books then you don't know the theory about Jon.  I don't want to spoil it for you, but let's just say, do you remember that scene from season 1 where Ned was in the dungeon and he verbalized being sorry that he had let Jon down, like he left some unfinished business with him???  I can say no more without potentially spoiling.  One thing I can say, is that next week, pay attention to what happens with Danerys.  I have read ALL of the books and boy are you in for a treat.  NOTHING is ever like you think it's going to be......which is awesome!  I hate being able to guess what's coming.  

He's one of those rare authors that even though the books are huge, you're so involved with every one of the characters, it seems the book is over before you got started and it leaves you hungry for more.

It is the first series on HBO that my husband refuses to wait to watch from the DVR, we are 'IN' the living room from the opening credits LOL.

Oh I am right there with you!  It's going to suck having to wait til next season!!!!  They are doing a great job with the show!  The changes haven't bothered me too much either.  I know it's hard to include everything in the book.  

I know that when that theme song starts playing..all other activity in my house comes to a screetching halt because it's "Game" time!!! 

The fifth book is also great but there is a TON of exposition so you know that can be quite tedious.  There has been speculation about Jon Snow's parentage going back to Eddard's recollecting the Tower of Joy where his sister died after being "kidnapped" by Rhaegar Targaryen.  I think it's in the first book, game of Thrones Eddard Chapter 39.  Talking about how his sister died, and a bunch of other strange things including Ned's sister making him Promise her something...Lots of ppl don't think Jon is Ned's bastard.  We know that Ned's sister Lyanna was with Rhaegar Targaryen, and we assume kidnapped because of King Robert's hatred of Targs because he holds them responsible for the death of Lyanna, who he was supposed to marry.  In fact we know Robert hates Targs so much he wants to kill them all.  I can give you some more clues if you don't start forming your own opinion soon. 

Also book 5 all I can say is damn you George R R Martin, for leaving us hanging!!!  U will see! Oh yeah, pay close attention to Melisandre's prophecies.  They are pretty telling.

No problem!  I had to read the books twice each because there is just SOOO much in them.  So many people, and so many characters to keep up with, and at the time you are reading they don't seem to be big details but they are.  Hit me back when you have your theory formed :)  Be interesting to see what that says to you.

Let's hope he doesn't wait 5-6 years for sure!!!  I think you may be barking up the right tree though.  At least that is a very popular theory on westeros.org.  




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