Alien (1979)

Heresy! Blasphemy! Doesn't everyone like this movie? I didn't. If a film is going to scare me, it has to make me believe what's going on in order to set me up for a good fright. I stopped believing in the plot and characters of Alien very quickly. Some of my issues:

o Nostromo is a deep-space ore ship? Did we use up all the minerals on the moon and in the asteroids?

o What's the safest way for non-explorers to investigate something on an unfamiliar, hostile planet? You all get into the shuttlecraft and crash on the surface, leaving no one back on the ship except the cat. Brilliant.

o Speaking of the cat, could someone tell me how he closed himself in that small locker so that he could jump out and scare the crewman? Do cats evolve thumbs and sense of humor in the future?

o The final scene aboard the escape shuttle is a real puzzler. Apparently a well-designed shuttle contains an assortment of poisonous gases that you can easily release into the passenger compartment...just in case.

I really wanted to like this movie; it remains a visual wonder. But I left the theater that day feeling cheated. I think we're all accustomed to cutting film-makers a bit of slack, but there were just too many times during this movie when I thought, "Oh, come one!" One faux pas was not fatal, but together they ruined the movie for me.

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haha! I never saw what is so fascinating about vampires.
Twilight definitely not worth the hype.

I downloaded the first one to see what the fuss was about. Watched the second one only out of boredom and because it is nice for once to see the Indian character played by an actual Indian.

But talk about teen angst overload. This is definitely a series aimed at twelve-year-old teen screamers.

Out of curiosity I tried watching "Vampire Diaries" on CW. Whoa!!! Takes the Teen Angst(tm) in Twilight and amplifies it well beyond nauseating. Is this really what twelve year old girls are into? Because when this girl was 12, I'd have still found it all fairly trite and dull.
Oh, Vampire Diaries. At first I thought it was Vampire Dairies. A very different image in my mind.
Way too many decades ago there was a Howard the Duck story called Hellcow in which a dairy cow named Bessie was bitten by a vampire and later would prowl the night looking for human blood. She even wore a Lugosi-type cape. During the climactic battle between cow and fowl, Howard backed her into a corner using a cross shaped tire iron, then dispatched her in the usual fashion. I do wish that the late, great Steve Gerber had come up with a way for Howard to use a frozen steak, though, but oh well. It was still a brilliant short comic story.
Any of the Harry Potter films... I really don't see what the big deal is.

The stories are razor thin with plot, and actually rehash most of its major themes every movie worst then "Back to the Future" ever did.

Then there is the serious problem of Quidditch, whats the point of a sport where the points don't matter and puts the lives of the students in serious mortal danger every game.

Also after the 3rd dark arts teacher dies, why would anyone in their right mind ever want to teach that class ever again.

I could go on and on, but yes I don't like the Harry Potter films at all.

Hmmm something good to say... the casting in them isn't bad.
Harry Potter is nothing new. JK Rowling basically rehashed every fantasy cliche.
the harry potter books took classic creatures and themes from advanced reading levels like LOTR and made them accessible in a well written story for children. Her use of character development is masterful considering how low her target reading level was. I have never read a book aimed for young children that was so well developed.

Any haters of Harry Potter simply started reading the books when they were too old and already read the upper level books. If you read it at the appropriate reading level, you would have loved it too.
I don't think so. I've read parts of a Potter book (can't remember which it is), where a young weak-willed traitor is sent to jail by his own father, who later secretly releases him while leaving his terminaly-ill wife as a decoy (seriously?). Once released, whiny boy morphs into a cold-blooded, reckless, master schemer.

I know that before I turned 10 I wanted to read fiction with more consistent characters and plots.
uh... that was consistent... what you're referring to is the incident with Crouch, which shows extreme stupidity on Crouch's behalf for honoring his wife's wishes to let her son go, but isn't all that inconsistent.

If you don't like the magic of a potion that makes people morph shape, any book about a wizarding school should have disappointed you. That's no suprise.

And it makes perfect sense why that wouldn't make sense unless you read other books. That is the 4th.
If you don't like the magic of a potion that makes people morph shape

I have absolutely no problem with that. When I wrote 'morph', I was thinking about characterization and psychology. This guy (Crouch's son) seemed as weak-willed as you could imagine before being jailed, and emerges as a negative image of his former self - utterly ruthless and confident. Not very consistent to me.

Same with his father: if I remember well, he wad supreme authority over law enforcement. But if he was so unbelievably stupid, how did all these 'smart' wizards give him his office?

That's all I can remember at the moment, but I know I had other similar jaw-dropping moments when I read this book, and I seriously doubt reading the rest of the series would help making any sense of them.
But if he was so unbelievably stupid, how did all these 'smart' wizards give him his office?

How did all of us 'smart' wizards give Bush office?

Because we were slightly outnumbered by not-so-smart wizards.

Ultimately, the Potter series makes some valid political statements about the power of media, political control through fear, and mob mentality.



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