No, I'm not talking about the 2000 remake starring Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley. That was OK, but nothing to write home about. It's bland at best. If you've seen that version, do not fool yourself into thinking you've seen Bedazzled.

I'm talking about the 1967 original, directed by Stanley Donen and starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. This is a modern (well, 1967 modern) retelling of the Faust legend. Not only can you get serious cuts from the razor wit, it's a viciously wicked satire of religion where God ends up as the villain. This is a brilliant film, a must-see for any fantasy-loving atheist with a sense of humor.

Sample: Peter Cook, as the Devil, has the 7 Deadly Sins working as his servants. Their service, as you might expect, leaves something to be desired. Cook complains, "What terrible Sins I have working for me. Must be the wages."

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O I have to see this I was fasinated as a younger man when watching GOTHC to learn of their Atheism and there free love lifestyle.

Extremely low-budget Canadian flick. The only name in it I knew was Nicole DeBoer (Dax in the last season of DS9). The acting isn't great but given DeBoer's talent I attribute the shoddy performances to either directing or the bain of the low-budget film; lack of budget/lack of time to polish performances.

But as a story, this is one of the coolest concepts I've seen on film. I'm a real sucker for stories where we the audience are not third-party-omnipotent. We know only what the characters or select characters know and the bigger questions don't necessarily have to be answered.
I remember seeing Cube a few years ago. It is an eceptionally dark but very well-made film and well worth seeing
Dark is another element I tend to love in films. Not just for darkness' sake, but when it's well done, it is not depressing but rather really good, compelling drama. I think it's an element that helps allow a writer to take such a compartmentalized story and make something feature-length about it.
Shadowland (U.S.A. 2008)

Not to be confused with a Scottish in-production film "Shadow Land."

Caught this film while working the Sedona Film Festival this past Spring. A vampire movie with amazingly well done and polished effects for being amazingly low budget. The writer described his inspiration for the film as passing by a churchyard or graveyard one day, seeing a huge gargoyle statue that seemed like it was guarding over something in the ground, and imagining that something crawling its way out of the ground. What is it? Is it male or female? Why was it in the ground? What compelled it to crawl out? "Vampire" was in his mind the only answer that fit and he wrote her story from there.

A very cool take on the vampire genre and like my plug for "Cube" above, it's a very compartmentalized story where we the viewer know very little that the lead character doesn't know, discovering her backstory as she rediscovers it for herself.

Hopefully ... coming soon to an indie theater near you! And the deluxe version of the DVD, including a bit on how to do good effects on a shoestring budget, is coming this Summer.
Cook complains, "What terrible Sins I have working for me. Must be the wages."

Heh. Love the pun! I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
I never thought of that movie as lesser-known. Anyone who hasn't seen it MUST! Beautiful movie about overcoming adversity.... and I've said too much already :)
I'd go with Gattaca - possibly the best sci fi movie I've seen, certainly the most intelligent and thought provoking. Brilliant. Blade Runner is the other one which is possibly my favourite movie. Awesome, dark, broody. Lovely stuff...
Bladerunner - yeesssss!
I'd have to go with Metropolis as the "not known as well as it should be" winner, especially considering how many references and takeoffs it has spawned; and that it was Hitler's favourite movie.
Metropolis is certainly a classic film, but is it really a lesser known movie? I'd always assumed that everyone had heard of it, even if they hadn't seen it.
Metropolis indeed rocks and is a must for anyone truly interested in the genre!

I think it's well-known in scifi circles but I find it all but unknown by the greater population.




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