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Not yet, but I plan to.
I haven't either...but I certainly plan to, too!
Yes, and I thought is was fantastic. Compelling, great pace, great acting, wonderful effects, some good commentary on the human race (or, rather, not so good). Some questions still linger, but I was able to put them aside and just enjoy the show...and wonder if there'll be a sequel.
Ahhhh....I can't wait to see it! I hope it's like what I expect it to be like...:-/
Though, I'm not entirely sure what I expect to happen...I guess I want the human race to learn a lesson????
Overrated. It was good, but not worth the rave reviews its been getting.
I would say that 'rave reviews' are always as suspect as total pans. It was far better than most of the FX based theme park rides we usaully get. In other words - worth seeing even at home.
This represented the most important reason for speculative fiction to exist. By twisting reality just a bit, you can even give a racist a glimpse of what is wrong with racism.

Brazil, many of Serling's Twilight Zones, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Enemy Mine, Slaughterhouse Five, A Clockwork Orange, Lathe of Heaven, etc. ad endless nauseum (as R.A.H. was fond of saying) Some are better than others, of course. But not all SF/Fantasy is just a good way to kill time on a train.
Just to let people know, the script won the Nebula Award for best SF screenplay of the year.
I didn't mean to imply he directed it or anything. :D I still have yet to see all of it...your review makes it worth watching. I fell asleep the first time...not because of boredom. Maybe I will this weekend.
District 9 is now available as instant streaming via netflix. I am too out of the loop on pop culture to have heard about it, watched because I was running out of things to watch.

The movie transfixed me. I loved every aspect of it. The reluctant hero, basically starting out as racist, cowardly, shallow, but likable at the same time, became a deeper, more compassionate, and tragic character as he became more alien.

I loved how the aliens, even at the outset, were tragic, helpless, something went wrong and we never learned what. Most sci fi presents aliens as superior, if sometimes malevolent. Here, if they started out malevolant, which you never know, they were really all victims.

Tied into the racist history of South Africa, and the amoral greed of the independent military contractor (read, mercenary), and it's a great story.

That's my 2 cents. I'll watch again, Im sure.
Agree. That ideas takes some development. It's not fuel - not enough of it. So what was it? Seemed necessary for the plot, although it's possible that the plot ould have been developed using two separate issues - one a transformative substance or retrovirus, transmited by, say, blood-to-blood contact during fight with alien, leading to the DNA changes. I find the idea of any transformation of one individual into something else entirely, far fetched, but it IS sci fi. Then a totally different device or substance critical for operating the shuttle.

I was more into the social and psychological aspects. Kafka's metamorphosis tied into the story of South Africa, internment camps, and the aliens being helpless instead of all-powerful.

Still, your point is valid and well taken.
District 9 was an outstanding work of S/F. The break from the usual evil invading aliens to where the aliens are a helpless and oppressed minority that are terribly exploited, was a refreshing turn.
The Vikis character's development was excellent. The film made one feel compassion for what could only be described as really hideous looking critters.
I rank the District 9 film right up with Blade Runner, Brazil and Avatar


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