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LOL I did see that and wish I had not....barf indeed. Blade Runner however, nice. I loved it.
Avatar was not a film with a powerful and meaningful message. It was, however, an excellent technical film - that is what got my interest. Cameron uses the cutting edge of technical cinema, and uses it well, and that advances the story telling possibilities of cinema. Even Titanic (which was a phenomenal bore) used the most advance technology at the time.
Plus Avatar was great escapism.
That's the nice thing about art every one sees it slightly differently - I liked it you didn't...meh.
I thought it was pretty obvious going in that Avatar was just a vehicle for the effects. I was actually pleasantly surprised, not by the depth of the story, but by the depth of the world and culture of Pandora. The movie was a display of technology and graphic design and, when viewed as such, it is excellent in my eyes.
haha, from what I've heard, the Last Airbender film was horrible. I still haven't got around to watching that anime, I've heard it's quite good.
Why not? Fantasy and S/F has some great writers. Just because we like Fantasy and S/F doesn't mean we take it as truth. We suspend belief with a lot of literature because it's fiction.
Personally, I loved this movie. One of the best sci-fi films I've ever seen.
District 9 was awesome.




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