What would happen if aliens arrived and began pushing the earth out of its orbit and into a gradual but accelerating spiral toward the sun?

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Would Republicans be a little upset?

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Would they insist on countering the alien action?

Etta Harkness Bartholdi makes the point that this is much like what's actually happening today, in a comment about passing 402 ppm of CO2.

>>While atmospheric CO2 levels never approached 400 ppm in the 800,000 years of detailed records scientists have, there is evidence that the last time the Earth experienced such high concentrations was actually several million years ago. Writing about the 400 ppm recording last year, climatologist Peter Gleick pointed to UCLA research “that suggested we would have to go back at least 15 million years to find carbon dioxide levels approaching today’s levels” .

And there is no chance at this point that we will be stopping there. When we get into tens of millions of years, we are also talking about a planet that was receiving measurably smaller amount of energy from the sun, since that star is gradually getting warmer.

Essentially, what we are doing is equivalent to pushing the earth out of its orbit and into a gradual but accelerating spiral toward the sun. If scientists showed that this was actually happening, the whole world would be in a frenzy and it would be pretty much all that the news sources would be talking about.

That doesn't seem to be the case with GW, for some reason, though. [emphasis mine]

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Naw Ruth, don’t worry about it.

By the time we reach the trillion ton mark Jesus will come back to Earth and make everything all right. I know this ‘cause Bill O’Reilly sez it’s so. After all, we don’t put no Republican into office if he doesn’t know something about God, the universe n science n stuff.

Just Kidding.

Besides, for all we know Republicans will use the same kind of “scientific” approach the Japanese do with regards to whale hunting. They’ll advocate a form of “scientific” raising of CO2 levels, purely in the interests of “research”.

The Earth IS going to get closer to the sun.  When it turns into a red giant. 




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