I need to reread some of the SF I read decades ago. One of my all time favorite SF writers was John Brunner and IMHO, Stand on Zanzibar, was his best work followed closely by Shockwave Rider  - a novel  that IMO, was the seminal Cyperpunk novel rather than  William Gibsons', Neuromancer (which was a great book- but not seminal.)

But Stand on Zanzibar (written 40 years ago) was an incredible prophetic novel. Brunner’s vision of the year 2010 even includes a popular leader named President Obomi. … some of the other correct predictions in Brunner’s book are here - they are almost scary.

They near future SF novel is probably the most difficult.  All of the technology needs to be a logical outcome of current and break through technology. But, for him to predict so much of, not only, the technology, but the social / political.  And getting so much right on

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Interesting, thanks.


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