If you're a sci fi enthusiast, don't miss John Carter, apparently the first  in a series of films being made based on the classin BARSOOM storyline.   This goes back to the dawn of the sci fi genre, particularly when at the dawn of  the previous century some astronomers claimed to have seen CANALS in Mars and so  speculation immediately grew wild about a Martian civilization that had to build  canals to dig water from their desert planet.

Barsoom is one of the first worlds other than Earth that we thought was  believable.  Now every year hundreds of new exploanets are discovered, and  some Earthlike ones have been found.

The movie comes out March.

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Pretty cool trailer, thanks Hiram. Just to clarify, the astronomer was an Italian (I think, don't recall his name) who said he saw "canali" on Mars, which in Italian means "channels", but he was misinterpreted to have said "canals". Funny how a simple thing gets people all worked up over nothing, huh?

I plan on seeing this movie when it comes out.

Spent the summer when I was 13 reading the books. Loved them. Makes me want to re-read them now that I am 58. Definately will be seeing this when it comes out.




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